Friday, December 29, 2006

Getting all ready for the New Year!

Well, Mom and I are busy getting ready for parties for New Years. We are each throwing our own. I have loved throwing parties for quite some time, something I certainly got from her. She always threw the most elegant, delightful parties- the tables had gold flatware, lots of candles, and so much trimming they looked like they had jumped out of a Neiman Marcus catalog. When I got my first apartment, I implemented the 'Early Inheritance Program', which essentially meant that when I liked something in my mother's apartment, I took it for myself!

My dinner parties have been pretty good, too- if I do say so myself. My piece de resistance was a 5 course dinner including an amuse-bouche. The room was entirely candle-lit, the wine flowed like water, and everyone had a wonderful time. (From what I've been told. I went to bed shortly after my guests finished dessert- wine flowing like water will do that to a gal.)

So now we're busy making preparations for our NYE parties. I am in the midst of selling my apartment, so the NYE party I throw will be a little bittersweet for me. I have had such fun there, and this party will be the last. It will be a good one, though- I will have my best friends and a case of champagne.

Mom, on the other hand, has overnight guests at her home, for which she has arranged hors d'hoevres, dinner, snack and breakfast menus, that all look very sophisticated and delightful. Taking a cue from our friend Stephanie, queen of organization and delight, she has them organized in her planner by time. Honestly, everything looks so beautiful on her menu... except for one small item. She is serving COCKTAIL WEENIES for hors d'hoevres!!! Well, I am shocked! She either believes she is stuck in suburban Detroit circa 1957 or is making snacks for a super bowl party in 1985. (Those, by the way, are the only times in history when cocktail weenies have ever been socially acceptable snack food. No excuses)

This does, however, offer the opportunity to sing (at every opportunity) a mash up of 'Tiny Bubbles" and "Tiny Weenies" ala Don Ho, and let me tell you- NOTHING could be more delightful!

Tiny weenies or not, I'm sure we'll each have a wonderful time welcoming in the New Year, surrounded by our best friends, because they are what truly matters. We are wishing you a happy, healthy and safe New Year's Eve Celebration of your own. Cheers!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

How was your Christmas?

The Secret Keepers had a wonderful Christmas this year! Christmas is always quite an event at our house- we LOVE giving presents to each other! We'll wrap just about anything up, so every year there is a simply ridiculous amount of presents under the tree. This year, Dad/Husband gave us matching camouflage pajamas... wow were we... um... suprised!

In fairness, the poor guy has to put up with us and all our girliness all the time, and we do make fun of his camouflage pretty often. Although between, you, us and the wall, the man owns a camouflage dress shirt, that we're pretty positive should never see the light of day. But it does see the light of day...

We decided that camouflage was a good challenge- and a great excuse to raid the shop! So we got all our fun jewels on and took some pictures for posterity! Ashley is actually wearing those fabulous pink camouflage earrings, but her big southern hair is hiding them! We had such fun picking out just the right accessories for camouflage... but if anyone can do it, the Chief Secret Keepers can! Ashley rocked out the pink... pink necklace, pink bracelets, anything to make that weird green look just a little more tasteful! Toni decided on gold and pearls... and actually, she looked pretty darn cute!
We hope your Christmas was merry and filled with plenty of love, good health and fabulous accessories!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Starting Ashley's Big Secret, Inc.

I've finally convinced my mother to let me reveal our family secret... how to look like a million bucks on a budget! For years and years, the women in my family have smiled coyly whenever someone compliments them on how fabulous they look! Everyone always assumes that they've spent GOBS of money on their jewelry, clothes and accessories.

We are so excited to be revealing this secret! In November, Mom and I quit our office jobs and have been hard at work to bring you the products we've known about for years! We're confident you'll just love them! The quality is great, and the prices can't be beat! Check this blog often; we'll be writing about our secrets for looking great, our new products and what the Chief Secret Keepers are up to!